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Eating your way through a 9-5

It starts out relatively harmless. A few French fries here and there, maybe a small plate of nachos, a soda? Sure why not? Then suddenly (or so it seems) your belt is starting to feel a bit tighter. That notch seems further and further away. Before you know it you’ve packed on quite a few pounds. Your energy levels begin to dip, and your mood has changed as well. Fried foods are evil, they are incredibly delicious and almost call to you. How will you tune them out and make better decisions?

I’ve gone down the path of grazing and created amazing results. Unfortunately, these results were in the wrong direction. As a restaurant manager, you live a life surrounded by foods that are less than ideal and have a limited time to refuel before the next big meeting, dinner rush or customer service opportunity. Insert grade school mentality, remember that one kid that had the best lunches in school? You would sit there amazed by type of food you would see coming out of their seemingly endless lunch bag. Well I have some good news for you, now you get to pack your own lunch and bring whatever incredible food items you can think of. Creativity is the key to not becoming bored with your new game plan. Gradual integration, maybe by choosing one meal per day to bring with you during your work day. Maybe some tweaks as needed until you find snacks that not only improve your mood and energy levels, but also help your waistline. I’ve recently kicked the viscous coffee cycle by eating lighter healthier food, or simply less of the unhealthy options.  

Okay I hear you, “but what if I really just want to eat what’s already available at work?”. You can start by modifying the meals you already eat. Instead of getting a soda with your burger & fries, bring your own juice or water with you to sip throughout the day. Instead of a double bacon cheeseburger, maybe just a single patty cheeseburger will do. Like most things in life neglecting yourself of something you really want will eventually lead to disaster. Two pizzas, and a #5 combo later will be a sight that no one will want to see. Take some steps in moderation, see what changes you can make without feeling like you are on the verge of a food binge. Small changes can lead to great results over time.  Have an honest conversation with yourself and don’t put off becoming a healthier you, the best time to get started is right now.